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Designs in clay and wheel thrown tableware. 
Working from a small corner in South London.

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Hi there, thanks for stopping by Kuan Ceramics.

The online store is currently up to date with available stock as I'm about to go on maternity break!

I will be tentatively making when I can, best to message me first with any pre-order enquiries.

Stay up-to-date via my instagram account @kuan_ceramics.

Thank you for your support!

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kuan ceramics bisque drying work in progress tableware


I am a part-time potter based in South London, working from a small corner of our dining room in Penge.

My family are from Taiwan, I grew up in New Zealand and studied architecture in Sydney, Australia. It was during my architectural studies that I took a ceramics elective as an escape from the more technical aspects of the degree.

I loved working with clay and the meditative aspects of the craft. Along with the fact ceramics was for everyone! A ceramic studio is a gathering of different stories, histories and inspirations. I still work in architecture and interiors but with ceramics as my spiritual base.

Most of my work is wheel thrown tableware. I make pieces for the every day, whether it's bowls for the table or mugs for tea with a book.  

I enjoy working with a variety of different clays, revealing the natural textures and colours of the materials in each piece. 


All my work is made in small batches and wear the handmade qualities with honesty. There may be some wobble and pots will vary slightly in size. I mix the glazes from raw materials so occasionally glaze can vary in colour or have drips. Hopefully you will also find that these elements adds to the charm and character of the pots and serve as a reminder that each piece is unique.​


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