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Koru/Spiral Dish

Koru/Spiral Dish

Shallow bowl or deep plate? You decide.

Made on the potters wheel, I was thinking of my time with family in New Zealand during the making. The dish was thrown with a tall edge, so it is great for salads and summer bbqs. Decorated with a koru, fern, to reflect thoughts of the lush flora.

The spirla is highlighted by brushing with an iron oxide based slip before bisque fire. It is then glazed on the inside with a satin white glaze and fired a final time at high temperatures, rendering it food safe. 

The external surface is left unglazed, revealing the texture of the clay body.

  • Size

    20cm in diameter 

    3.5cm deep

  • Material

    Stoneware - glazed and fired to 1260 degrees celsius

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