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Pair of Nestling Turquoise Bowls

Pair of Nestling Turquoise Bowls

Pair of turquoise nestling bowls. One bowl couldn't part from the other and work so well together. 

For nuts, party dips, dessert, porridge, fruit salad or summery treats whatever the weather permits! 

Each bowl has been made on the potters wheel and then decorated with an iron-based slip line work before bisqued fired. The bowls are then glazed on the inside with a copper carbonate glaze, fired again to high temperatures and making them food safe. The underside of the bowls have been left unglazed, revealing the nature of the clay body and providing contrast to the glassy turquoise side.


  • Size

    Small bowl

    16cm diameter, 5cm deep

    Large Bowl

    17cm diameter, 6cm deep


  • Made from Stoneware

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